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Specialist Car Servicing for Melbourne's Northern & Western suburbs

Sunshine, Sunshine North, Sunshine West, Ardeer, Derrimut, Braybrook, Albion, Footscray, Deer park, Carnlea, St Albans, Kealba, Caroline Springs, Sydenham, Taylors Lakes, Hillside, Keilor , Keilor Downs, Maribyrnong

Our Passion

We specialise in all makes of imported European models including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Saab, Peugeot, Volvo and Renault.

And not to forget your Holden, Ford, Mazda or Toyota – we service them all!

At Exceltune we believe in safety and reliability with performance, ensuring that you always enjoy a mechanically risk free trip when travelling in your car everyday.

Our prices are unbeatable for the expertise and professionalism we bring to the service or repair of your prestige European, Australian or Japanese vehicle. Our PROMISE to you is quality workmanship at all times. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by bringing your vehicle to us to service or repair.

Looking for economy tuning, or even power tuning? Maybe you need diesel tuning /diesel remapping, or you need to save fuel or to get better mpg? For improved mpg, you can look for some basic tuning methods from the components supplied with the car or bought as OEM - we can show you how.

Total Care

About Exceltune


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The Right Service


If your repair is only a minor fault, we will advise of the simple issue and never take advantage of the situation. If we say we replace your parts with new, you have our assurance that they are new. We treat you like we would expect to be treated by others.


We take pride in the quality of workmanship we provide, staying up to date with the latest technical information from the OEM’s, which gives you the assurance that we know what we are talking about when it comes to solving your vehicles problem. Our Bosch service assurance also gives you absolute peace of mind.


Our prices are unbeatable for the expertise and professionalism we bring to the service or repair of your prestige vehicle.

Our Services

Logbook Servicing

We carry out logbook servicing according to factory specifications. This WILL NOT affect your new car warranty as well as gives you the assurance that your prized vehicle is being serviced by the most skilled mechanics, something you do not always have assurance of with dealer workshops! Something for you to always keep in mind?

Performance Chips & Tuning

From Petrol to Diesel we offer a full range of power chip upgrades to give your car increased power, performance and improved economy.

Wheel Balancing

Our Balance Optimisation System ensures the smoothest drive possible.

Mechanical & Electronic servicing & repairs

If you want your car to receive the highest level of service and attention at all times. Talk to us today, we assure you of the best service and attention at all times.

Diesel Particle Filters

At Exceltune we are able to regenerate or clean your diesel filters where possible.

Computer Coding and Decoding

Our high quality electronic diagnosis equipment removes the guesswork in the repair of today’s modern engines

Brake servicing & repairs

Brakes are crucial to your safety and should be checked at every service. We service brake discs, pads, fluid, sensors, disc rotors and ABS.

EFI servicing & repairs

maintaining an EFI system with regular servicing can prevent some of the more common problems drivers tend to suffer


Shock absorbers should be checked for signs of wear every 20,000 km

LPG tuning

We are one of the few mechanics that offer LPG tuning

Clutch servicing & repairs

We offer Transmission, Gearbox and Clutch servicing and repairs

Computer Engine diagnosis & tuning

Our high quality electronic diagnosis equipment removes the guesswork involved in the engine repair of your modern vehicle.

Transmission servicing & repairs

We provide the specialised work and care for your problem transmission.

Pre Purchase Inspection and Report

Through our pre purchase inspection report we make sure that the car you are thinking to purchase is the right car for you, and that it comes with no unexpected mechanical issues down the track

Air conditioning servicing & repairs

We perform all air conditioning service and repairs which are crucial to keeping you comfortable through the hot Australian summer.

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